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StocKar is dads and men modeling authentic biblical manhood while shaping their boy’s cars and lives!

StocKar is a new brand created and developed by CSB Ministries  to bring the excitement, energy, and fun of pinewood derbies to today’s audiences.

StocKar is dads and men modelling authentic biblical manhood while shaping their boy’s cars and lives!

Many of our staff grew up with pinewood derbies and have fond memories of designing, hand-crafting, and racing pine wood derby cars. We remember the hours spent together with others, usually with a mentor like a dad or grandfather, who helped us to design and build our own custom derby cars.


These pinewood derby activities and experiences are still valuable today. From learning about the physics of gravity-powered racers, to aerodynamics, and to using various hand and power tools to shape cars, StocKar is meant to help provide shared experiences and lasting memories.

While there is no doubt that technology and technology devices are an essential part of everyday living, much can be said for helping youth explore “hands on” learning activities like with StocKar. Youth utilize critical thinking and creativity skills in the design aspects of creating a derby car. Youth also learn to work and think spacially while hand-crafting StocKar Derby car bodies. And they experience applied learning of physics and aerodynamics as they test their car designs on the derby track.




Best of all, they make fond memories and shared experiences with their mentors and with other racers in derby events that help them develop socially and to build confidence and self-esteem.