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StocKar Derby Upcoming Event Form

Fill out this form and we will list your upcoming Derby on our website and on our social media pages. Together, we can help to ensure your event is a success!

Enter the NAME of the church, business, or location of the Derby. Example: First Presbyterian Church or Elma Boys and Girls Club
Enter the address of WHERE your Derby Event is being held.
If your church or organization has a website, please enter it here.
Enter the date and the time of the upcoming StocKar Derby Event.
Enter your Christian Service Brigade Unit Number if you have one. Otherwise, leave blank.
Enter the name of the contact for visitors/attendees to get in touch with about your Derby Event.
Please consider listing a phone number so that interested participants have someone they can speak with about your upcoming Derby.
Please enter any additional details you'd like to have listed (fees, derby descriptions, registration instructions, types of races, whether you have "open" events, food / meal info, facility information, etc. )
Feel free to upload pictures. These could be pictures of past events, of the Derby Contact, of the facilities, of past winners, or cars...anything you want to share to showcase your Derby. We will try to use these in the details of your Derby Event.